Hey.” Holly heard Nick’s voice. She looked up in time to see him turning the corner into her room.

Why, Nick? Why can’t you just let me be happy?”

Because, Holly, you almost killed yourself today. I know the reason you passed out was because you hadn’t eaten in so long. I care about you Holly. That’s why. Now eat your waffles”

She couldn’t help but smile at him and take a bite of the crisp-yet-amazingly-fluffy waffle. Delicious, even without syrup.

[…] “Thank you.”

You better eat that entire waffle, Holly.” Nick said jokingly. “I’ll be watching you”


You guys have a huge viral empire of people who like anything about Parks and Rec they go right to the websites, are you aware of this?


Without them, there is no justice - Philly Justice is an American courtroom drama set in Philadelphia. Created by Adam Scott, the show aired on CBS Tuesday Nights after ‘Joan of Arcadia’. The series starred Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, and originally Paul Rudd, who was replaced by Dylan McDermott before the series aired.


Philly Justice S01E01 -Based on the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping

(Guest starring Julianna Margulies)


my favorite moments of the multi-episode philly justice/inspector spacetime crossover arc (even though it was so transparently a ratings ploy for sweeps)

[confused? click here and here.]


director’s dvd commentary: “we introduced this storyline in order to give the character of joey suarez some softness because she was testing a little ‘angry’ in viewer polls. she may be a strong pillar of the community, you know, she fights gang violence at a structural level and runs a daycare for the children of ventriloquists, but she’s not made of stone. we wanted the audience to see that emotional vulnerability in episode 1x18 […] another fun fact about this episode is that the original B-plot centered around nick and dylan mcdermott’s character, but he was replaced mid-season with dermot mulroney so we had to bring them into do to some tiring reshoots. we made it fun though; whenever we’d get too frustrated, we’d just take turns reading paul’s desperate emails aloud to make us laugh. ‘doing a play in the valley! just got a gig in a tampon commercial! xoxo getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to me! please come see my play!’ yeah, okay, rudd, sure, champ.”

(for anyone not in on the joke, philly justice is explained here.)

poehlerology asked: Did they make up names for the characters on Philly Justice?

There’s a few questions in our ask about names, so I’m only going to respond to this message since I feel like it encompasses most of the answers~

At Paleyfest, the character name Holly McIntyre, Nick Bellows, and Joey Suarez were definitely given. So those are definitely the “real” names. As far as I know, there hasn’t been any word on the names of Kathryn Hahn/Dylan McDermott’s characters, unfortunately :P


my favorite scene from “calm before the storm” (2x16)

don’t forget to watch philly justice, guys! it’s on right after joan of arcadia!

Just found this still from an old Philly Justice episode—“A Hard Rain’s Gonna Call” (x)